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Latest News:
FAASTeam Safety Info - Certification Operation of E-AB and Sport Pilot Instruction
An Air Race Is Not an Air Show!
FAA FAASTeam Safety Info For Recreational Pilots
LONG OVERDUE: FAA Refuses To Investigate Any More X59 Complaints!!
From Decline To A Bright Future: Valkaria Airport Finally Accepts FAA Grants!
The Restoration Gets Rolling - Commission to Approve FAA/FDOT Funding For X59
Attorney General to Grant-Valkaria: You have NO jurisdiction over X59, period!
Just For Laughs... The Oshkosh 1988 Theme Song!!!
County Commissioners Voting On Valkaria Airport Items - Tues. 9/1/2009
FAA Responds To Grant-Valkaria's Anti-Aviation Efforts
An Example: AOPA / Pilots v. City of Pompano Beach (2005)
Grant-Valkaria Tries to Outlaw All Flight Training
Spotlight An Aircraft - Go Directly To Jail!
Harry Ford Interred at Arlington National Cemetery
Gone West: Harry Ford, Former EAA 1288 President and Tuskegee Airman
FAA Smacks Down Grant-Valkaria Town Council
Valkaria Airport Sheds The Shackles: VAAB Dissolved!
EAA 1288 Member Steve Borowski: FDOT 2008 Aviation Professional of the Year!
Great News! VAAB Likely To Be Abolished Soon!
Curt and Janis: Their Greatest Hits!
Wildfires Singe Valkaria Airport
Gone West: EAA 1288 Member William Kirk
Melbourne Light Parade Photos
Congratulations to Steve Borowski!
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Lately, I've had better in-flight food service flying my Luscombe than I have had on airlines.
(Earl C. Downs in EAA Sport Pilot [12/2007])

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